I am Paul Butler, a multidisciplinary artist with two degrees in Film and TV Design and Production and over ten years of practical experience. I’ve created short films both live action and animated, festival idents, blog intros, tutorial videos, commissioned art pieces, book covers, visual effects and more.

Originally from Nottingham, England I moved to San Jose, California and have been getting myself set up here in the The Golden State. I’ve worked for the Digital Sign company BrightSign for the last year and a half, currently doing freelance work creating Motion Graphics and Tutorial videos as well as providing all necessary Voice Over.

I’m passionate about everything I make and strive to always improve upon what I’ve done before. Over the years I’ve taught myself a wide variety of software including the Adobe Creative Suite, Cinema4D, Final Cut Pro and FLStudio. I use all of these regularly to push my creativity and grow as an artist.